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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of recipients of the MSFA George Hosek Outstanding Service Award.  The committee selects the award recipient annually.  They have also given out lifetime achievement awards on occasion.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are voted on by the entire association membership each year at the business meeting that takes place during the annual conference.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee identifies bylaws improvements and brings those to the board for consideration.  Changes to the bylaws requires a vote of the full association membership.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the MSFA website, and determining other methods of keeping the membership informed of topics of interest.

Community Rating System (CRS) Committee

The Community Rating System (CRS) Committee of MSFA is a users group of people interested in the CRS program. The purpose of the group is to bring communities together to share ideas and lessons learned, improve their floodplain management programs and class ratings, and pursue a better understanding of the CRS program. A users group helps communities work together to achieve goals in a cohesive approach; creates a forum for interactive discussion; empowers communities to value collaboration; brings clarification to program requirements; improves documentation submittals; and bridges the gap between communities and ISO specialists. Information about users groups around the country can be found here:

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee organizes and puts on the MSFA annual conference.

Government Affairs Committee

The mission of the MSFA Government Affairs Committee is to track, support and improve the stormwater and floodplain regulatory framework in the State of Michigan in order to reduce flood damages. Committee activities include:

  • Presenting updates at board meetings on regulatory developments;
  • Conveying regulatory information and updates to the Communications Committee for the purpose of public information and outreach;
  • Facilitate discussion of current regulatory issues or problems with FEMA as well as state and local government;
  • Complete analysis of issues or problems and provide summaries for the purpose of legislative communication.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee informs Michigan Universities about the annual scholarship award, scores the applications, and brings the applications to the board for selection.  Typically one scholarship award is presented to a student of a Michigan university each year at the annual conference.